CombiSmart - Save up to £100 per Year on Water and Gas

Combination Boiler: Hot Water Takes 1/2 The Time, 1/2 The Gas and 1/2 The Water

  • What is it: CombiSmart is a thermostatic valve that is easily fitted to the hot water outlet pipe on the outside of a combination boiler it simply accelerates the heating process by slowing down the cold water passing thru to a flow of 3 litres per minute, until it has reached the right temperature (around 43 degrees centigrade), the valve opens to release the water to flow as normal through the outlet pipe at the rate you're used to. This process helps save both water and energy every time hot water is used.
  • What you save: By installing CombiSmart you will use less water and energy which means less money leaving your pocket, on average you will save up to 32,000 litres of water a year. This is the equivalent to saving around £83.62 in water and £32.64 in gas that’s a total of £116.26 every year (depends where you live in the UK and your chosen gas supplier). The value on water savings is based on an average domestic metered amount which includes water supply and sewerage costs. These savings have been calculated on the basis of tests conducted by the independent testing consultancy firm Enertek International. Please also note that if the combination boiler has a pre-heat function, this will need to be switched off to see the full benefits.
  • Why choose Combi Smart: 25% of our energy bills are spent on heating water. We figure why not go straight to the root of the problem and save there. CombiSmart is WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) meaning it is ready to be used straight away, at this moment it is being used and trialled by more than 60 Housing Associations and Local Authorities throughout the UK.
  • How to install: – CombiSmart can be fitted in less than 15 minutes with no hassle at all, however it is important that it must only fitted by a qualified plumber or a trained CombiSmart installer (by the CombiSmart team). As it is an inline device (so it has no kinks or bends) fitting is simply a case of cutting away part of the existing pipework and attaching CombiSmart in its place. Please note that Save Water Save Money takes no liability where CombiSmart is fitted incorrectly by external services.
  • Is it compatible CombiSmart is only designed to be compatible with combination boilers such as Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and GlowWorm who support are in support of CombiSmart we have letters as proof. CombiSmart can be used with your boiler and in order to receive the maximum savings, you will need to turn off pre-heat or EcoMode. This should be done at the time of installation, however the boiler manual should also provide information to your tenants on how the pre-heat or EcoMode functions can be switched on/off.

  • 1 Year Guarantee